Healico is delighted to introduce Measure, a feature that makes wound monitoring easier for you, healthcare professionals.

Measure allows you to instantly get the wound size from a photo, with one simple click. Take the photo, and you get the measure.

While taking photos is part of your daily practice, you don’t always have the time to measure your patients’ wounds. Yet size is a vital element in wound management: a healing wound is a receding wound.

With Measure, no more time-consuming wound measurements, you get the measure in one click. This new feature will help you optimize your time and the quality of care you bring to your patients.

Measure provides you simple and effortless wounds evolution monitoring – a size reducing wound is a positive sign of wound healing whereas a size increasing or stagnating wound informs you of a potential deterioration.

In addition, it will bring greater measurement consistency with your colleagues and easier communication with them.

With Measure, turn your smartphone into a wound measurement tool.

With Measure in Healico, your smartphone becomes your must-have professional tool directly in your pocket, with a technology formerly available to expert centers only.

At Healico, we firmly believe that every healthcare professional should have access to the best tools. Therefore, we have decided to offer you Measure free of charge.

We are convinced Measure will be a precious asset in your daily practice. Try it now and discover how this new tool can simplify your work.

To know more about Healico and the new Measure feature, visit our website [website link]

Measure is the result of a partnership between Healico and imito AG.

About Healico

Healico is a mobile application dedicated to healthcare professionals to help them in patients’ wound management.

About imito AG

imito AG is a Swiss company specialized in wound management applications . imito’s aim is to compensate for the shortage in wound experts with artificial intelligence which analyses wounds from images and medical data, and suggests treatments to promote better healing. The company’s digital wound measurement and documentation has already helped 50+ hospitals and many ambulant care providers to save time documenting wounds. Read more about imito’s AI-assisted wound documentation at

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