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Beginnings of Connected Wound Healing

The concept of connected healing emerged in Spain. That year, the health authorities endorsed a better management of wounds to optimize care costs. Urgo Medical focused on this issue and found several approaches to improve wound treatment:

Sharing best practices of care among health professionals.

Organizing wound information (including photos) systematically.

Selecting an appropriate dressing for the patient's wound.

The idea was set in motion, and Urgo Medical began to develop a digital solution that addressed these three needs.


Testing of the application prototype by healthcare professionals

A first prototype was tested the following year in Spain with a group of healthcare professionals. In just 6 months, the experience was a success! The project then expanded to France.


The needs of health professionals at the center of priorities

During the year 2016, the focus was on what matters most to our users and healthcare professionals in Europe. The name chosen to embody this ambition was Healico.

European healthcare professionals expressed their need for a reliable tool adapted to each health system.

The application was improved with new functions and data security measures.


Testing of the application prototype by healthcare professionals

Healthcare professionals treating wounds tested the application in France and Spain.


Approval of Healico's treatment recommendations by independent wound experts

Healthcare professionals from different countries contributed to the design of the application.

They refined version 1.0 of the new application called Healico. The goal was to make it accessible to everyone.

Meanwhile, independent wound experts designed and validated treatment recommendations adapted to each type of wound.


Healico's preliminary launch

Version 1.0 of the Healico application was launched. This new mobile application helps healthcare professionals in wound management.

It is available in beta version for healthcare professionals in France, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Healico is a daily work tool that helps healthcare professionals select an appropriate treatment for each wound.

It also allows sharing wound information within the care team. This way, Healico facilitates the healing process for patients with wounds.


Healico is available on iPhone and Android

Based on the lessons learned in 2019 and supported by a community of convinced testers, version 2.0 of the Healico application was launched at the end of 2020.

Indeed, during the second semester, they helped us design this version 2.0 in more than ten design workshops.

Many good ideas emerged from these workshops that allowed us to develop an application with the features they considered most important to help in the treatment of patients with wounds.


More than 4000 patients followed, 8 updates, and the Galien Award

It's been a year since the application started, and it continues to develop. About 4000 patients are followed in the application. The year 2021 has been very enriching for us thanks to the 430 comments received.

We have been able to offer 8 new features (sharing photos in the chat, exporting the wound file in PDF, integrated product catalog, sharing the patient's file by SMS, free notes to add to the file, and the possibility of performing an analysis of complex wounds in a few clicks). And this continues in 2022!

Healico was also recognized as the best innovation in e-health for the year 2021 by the prestigious Galien Award.

Healico is available

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