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  • "The app in one phrase: it will make my life easier!"

    Isabelle, nurse

  • "The app is really interesting and easy to use! I really like the fact that is free and non-branded!"

    Peter, GP with wound care specialty

  • "To not use Healico anymore would be a step backwards! "

    Marie, nurse

  • "Healico could be very useful as there are many people in our team with few experience managing wounds who require assessment"

    Olga, nurse


Get more time for you:
is already organised

No more chasing up information left and right or mixing personal pictures with wound pictures

Bring wounds images and notes together in one place

Your patient files are synced with your colleagues automatically


Visualise your patient's wounds progress with a timeline of photos at a glance


Functionalities made to help in your every day practice

📣 Voice notes to save you precious time

🖨️ PDF exports make documentation easy

You are not alone

Chat with your colleagues securely

Feeling unsure? Contact your colleagues in Healico and ask for their advice!


No complicated paper forms needed! Document your initial wound assessment in one click!

Export your patient file in an easy to read PDF to feed your Electronic Patient Record

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Involve your patients in their healing process


Give your patients visibility on the way their wounds are healing

Motivate your patients and improve concordance


Save time and peace of mind

Dictate your observations and about your patients to the app

Add your observations to the patient’s file in seconds with only your voice.

It is instantly recorded, transformed into text, and securely saved and uploaded.

All your actions are recorded to help you quickly and easily find your memos and pictures.

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Don’t worry about your patient's data and yours
We’ve got that covered!


All data is encrypted and hosted on an accredited health data platform.

Add, update or delete information in a few clicks, they are here as long as you need it.

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