Your wound care assistant. In your pocket.

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Measure wounds instantly with a photo


Turn your smartphone into a wound measurement tool!

Save time for you and your patients.

Easily track wound healing for peace of mind. A receding wound is a healing wound.

See the healing of your patients. In real time with the care team.


Find patient’s history at a glance in the feed (photos, assessments, treatments, messages). All the information is in one place: no more lost data.

Say goodbye to wound photos
mixed with your vacation snaps.

Share patients files with your colleagues in just one click and collaborate in real-time.

Take pride in your work and show your patients the progress of their wounds.

Goodbye paper,
hello serenity.


Easily assess the wound. Step by step.

Do your initial wound assessment
in just one click and easily export it as a PDF.

Quickly dictate your observations using just your voice.

Doubts about a wound?
You're not alone anymore.


Combine your expertise in just one click to optimize wound care management

Receive help or support other caregivers by commenting on patient feed posts.

Access easily wound management recommendations and tips.

Enjoy peace of mind.
Your data is protected.


Your data and your patients' data are stored with a certified health data hosting provider.

Access your data anytime, anywhere:it remains stored for as long as necessary. Only you and the care team can read what's sent.

Healico is available

Save even more time to focus on what is most important to you:
caring for your patients.

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